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Nakhnikian, Ellen (Child Specialist, Coach)

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130 Allens Creek Road
Rochester, NY 14618
Phone:585-473-5810 x 3

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I am a licensed psychologist specializing in work with children and families. I have worked with children whose parents are separating or divorcing for over 20 years. I believe that the manner in which a separation or divorce is navigated can have a lasting impact on children's well being. Because of this belief, I helped to develop the ACT Program here in Rochester, an educational program for parents that provides information on how to reduce conflict and help children through a separation or divorce in the best way possible. In 2006 I began working with Collaborative attorneys and other Collaborative professionals to help couples negotiate a separation or divorce in as respectful a manner as possible, keeping the childrens' interests as the priority. Separating or divorcing parents are often extremely worried about what the impact will be on their children, and want to know what they can do to help their children emerge from the process unharmed, able to enjoy their lives and just be kids. I work with parents to try to make that happen. I work as both a Child Specialist and as a Coach on Collaborative teams, and have conducted trainings on the Child Specialist role.