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Mann, B.J. (Mediator)

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1121 Winton Road South
Rochester, NY 14618
Phone:(585) 256-2223
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BJ Mann helps you resolve issues involved in divorce, separation, child custody or other situations quickly and affordably. The solutions that you and she create support you not only through the separation and divorce process but long after the ink has dried on the agreement.

BJ's specialty is working through all the issues as a neutral resource, especially in matters regarding care of the children, so there are no surprises later. She brings sensitivity and experience to every mediation session and helps her clients find solutions that are meaningful, lasting, cost-effective, and timely.

BJ brings over 30 years of business, mentoring, coaching and community leadership to her practice of mediation. She serves the greater Rochester NY region with day, evening, Saturday and Sunday appointments. Her affordable mediation services save you time, pain, and money.