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Manioci, Gerald (Attorney)

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124 Wintergreen Way
Rochester, NY 14618

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After over 30 years of litigating matrimonial and other matters from inception through appeals, I am convinced that proceeding collaboratively is the best way to achieve a result that both parties will follow, and that will provide them closure. I am well qualified in this endeavor: I graduated from the University of Rochester, where I played football and wrestled. At age 24 I graduated from Syracuse University College of Law. While in law school I played football, wrestled, and coached wrestling. Thereafter I recruited wrestlers for SU and football players for UR. I also coached football. When my marriage came to an end, I had custody of my children. I was a law clerk for a total of four judges over a ten year period, eight years of which was in Family Court. I am a "bottom-line" type negotiator who does his homework.