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Firm:Loren H. Kroll, LLC
950 Reynolds Arcade
Rochester, NY 14614
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Collaborative divorce has been described as a civilized and respectful technique for divorcing couples who need zealous legal representation, but also place a premium on avoiding litigation. A combination of angry litigants and unnecessarily aggressive attorneys can lead to long, drawn-out court battles. Collaborative divorce is about settlement, as opposed to contentious litigation. Many couples select the Collaborative Law process because it is a dispute resolution model which provides the opportunity for them to discuss creative choices. They share a commitment to settlement, have the ability to compromise and want the advantages of using trained attorneys who are able to guide the process. To facilitate the resolution of the parties' differences, the participants operate in an environment grounded in good faith, honesty, cooperation and professional integrity. Collaborative Family Lawyers work toward settling the matter, rather than preparing for trial, resulting in a shorter process which protects the privacy of the parties, while minimizing the emotional toll on their family. I am committed to assisting clients who are willing to utilize the Collaborative Law process to dissolve their marriage and to resolve family law conflicts.