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We welcome information about all Collaborative trainings and events, big or small, urban or rural within a day’s driving distance of Rochester, New York. We hope every trainer will contact us with information about his or her training, so that this will be a comprehensive resource for visitors to our website—newcomers to Collaborative Practice and experienced practitioners alike.

Post An Event

To post an Event, please email the information in the following format to

  • Teaser: (optional)
  • Training Site (address of place where it will be held)
  • Names and Credentials of Trainers:
  • Contact: (e mail, website and/or name and phone number)
  • Sponsor:
  • Dates with start and finish times: (must have start and finish times or the program enters midnight automatically)
  • Description: (optional)

You may also send us a flyer which we can attach to the Event posting.